21/03/2018 10:33:05 pm
Do you need a special diet menu?

Our special diet menus are only available in primary schools to children who have a food allergy, intolerance or cultural preference.

Before continuing your application, please choose one of the following reasons for your child requiring a special diet menu.

Medical Menus


HCL does not include nuts as an ingredient or use products that carry “may contain nut traces” labelling, therefore no amended menu is required for only nut allergies. However, we do require that the full application is completed to ensure that all parties are aware of your child’s allergy, symptoms and treatment.

If your child has no other allergies, please tick the box below and click ‘Apply for Menu’ to continue your application.

Please check this box if your child has a nut allergy

We are pleased to offer special menus for the following food allergies/intolerances one of which can be ticked in addition to the nut option if required. If you’re child’s food allergy/intolerance is not listed here, please select ‘Allergens not listed’ and proceed with the application where you can specify them later.

Secondary & Middle Schools
Please note that the following process is for Primary Schools only. Allergen information for the dishes on our Secondary School menus can be provided by the school catering team on request. Middle Schools’ meal services vary from school to school so please email hcl.info@hertscatering.co.uk to find out the correct course of action for your child’s Middle School.

Cultural & Religious Menus

We are pleased to offer special menus for the following preferences:

All of our schools offer a daily vegetarian option. There is no need for you to apply for a special diet menu.