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HCL’s ethos is to provide customers with quality ingredients which have been skilfully delivered by an enthusiastic and well-supported team who are passionate about the standard of food delivered as well as the dining experience received. We believe that good food needs to be served in an equally great environment.

Breakfast Service

“Breakfast sets the pattern for nutritious eating throughout the rest of the day.”

When students miss breakfast, to save time or cut calories, they are likely to be inattentive, sluggish and show erratic behavioural patterns throughout the day. HCL offers a nutritious breakfast service that looks good and tastes great, providing the healthy start needed by students today.

Choices can include:

  • A range of Hot and Cold drinks
  • Granola, Cereal and Porridge Oats
  • Fresh Fruit Pots
  • Bacon or Sausage Baps
  • Fruit Juices
  • Yoghurts
  • Omelettes, freshly prepared with free-range eggs
  • Breakfast Pots

Mid-Morning Break  

The Mid-Morning Break service includes a daily choice of our chilled and hot ‘Grab and Go’ options which can include:

  • Freshly made, deep filled Sandwiches and Baguettes on white, brown, wholemeal and speciality breads (featuring traditional favourites alongside a ‘Sandwich of the Week’ option)
  • Generously filled Tortilla Wraps and Italian Breads
  • A selection of Home-made Desserts, Yoghurts and Fruit, Berry, Honey, Granola and Cheesecake Pots
  • Vegetable Crudités and Dips
  • Salad Boxes
  • ‘Meal Deal’ combinations/offers
  • Chilled Juices, Smoothies and Flavoured Waters
  • Homemade Soups served in ‘To Go’ cups with Fresh Crusty Bread
  • Bagel Street Concept
  • Hot Wraps, Panini Melts and Toasties with a variety of delicious fillings


Our Lunch service can include a choice of:

Freshly prepared meat, fish and vegetarian options with a selection of seasonal salads and vegetables together with rice, pasta, potatoes or breads

Premium branded “World Food” meals and ‘Theatre Style’ dishes (Chef’s Specials)

Pasta Meal deals (100% durum wheat) finished in a range of authentic styles with garlic bread, salad and a choice of dessert or drink

Hot and Chilled “Street Fusion” selections

Piping hot Jacket Potatoes with a daily choice of hot and cold toppings

Extensive range of salad options

Hot dessert and a variety of sweet delights or fresh fruit platters

A wide range of fresh juices, blended smoothies

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback is an important part of the continuing evolution of the catering service offered to the students and staff. We utilise a range of methods and platforms, such as Student Council Meetings; Parent Surveys; Comment Cards; Social Media; Mystery Shopper and an Online Menu Rating System, to harvest opinions from our customers


Nutritional Information
Food for Life
Special Dietary Requirements

As a fresh food organisation, we only use high quality ingredients with assured provenance. We have complete control over every meal and we therefore ensure that we meet the guidelines for minimising the use of salt, sugar and saturated fats.

We encourage our inspiring cooks and chefs to use steamers and combination ovens which assist in the retention of vitamins and goodness within ingredients. This approach has the added benefit of reducing energy consumption, providing a more positive impact on the environment.

We believe all students should enjoy good, fresh food, including those individuals with particular dietary requirements and staff are trained in the provision of special diets. It is always our aim to go above and beyond government guidelines on nutritional standards. 

The independent award scheme, Food for Life Catering Mark, is a Soil Association accreditation scheme that acknowledges caterers who demonstrate an increased use of fresh, seasonal and organic ingredients in the production of their menus. It provides a guarantee that the food served meets certain standards.

This award indicates the provision of local, fresh and honest food cooked by chefs/cooks who really care about quality and ingredients, in an environment that takes customer’s health and well-being seriously. Staff and customers can appreciate that the majority of food on the menu is freshly prepared, free from undesirable trans fats, sweeteners and additives, and is cooked by proficient chefs/cooks, using ingredients from ethical and sustainable sources.

We are delighted to have been awarded the Soil Association’s Food for Life Silver Catering Mark within our Primary Sector.


If students have a Special Dietary Requirement and need more information about the food we serve in our Secondary Schools, please speak to a member of the onsite Catering team who will have detailed information about the ingredients we use, including allergen specific details.

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