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Parents, please join our 'Parent Panel' to let us know what you think of our food choices and help us to create the best menu for your child's school.

Choosing to eat great food is not just about a food choice, but a whole lifestyle choice too.

The HCL team are passionate about creating the right lifestyle choices for all our customers by ensuring that our menus reflect popular flavours and are made with quality ingredients.

All our food is handcrafted and freshly prepared on site every day. Our on-site catering teams are skilled and knowledgeable about the foods we serve and can provide students with information to support specific medical diets or cultural choices.

HCL operate a rolling menu cycle of Chef’s Specials and this cycle changes up to 3 times a year, ensuring the menu constantly evolves by introducing new flavours and recipes for everyone to enjoy.

Alongside our brilliant Chef’s Specials, we also provide an extensive array of food choices from breakfast to home time, including porridge and hot buttered toast, chilled salads, pasta boxes, noodle pots and filled flatbreads. There’s always something to tempt even the most sensitive of palates which can always be ‘made to go’, helping students enjoy their free time away from the classroom.


Some local variations of this menu will be operational throughout the county and this will be advertised in the school.

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